by Ripped 2 Piecez

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Cal AKA Big Green - Drums
Don - Bass
Jason - Guitar
Thor - Thor


released December 4, 2017

Recorded at the L$M Mansion by Christian Alm
Oh Wait, There's More produced by Joshuaxallen
Lyrics on outro and Oh Wait, There's More by Big Green
Released on Desperate Hell Records


all rights reserved



Ripped 2 Piecez Fargo, North Dakota

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Track Name: My Wish / I Know What You Did
swallow a pill
snort some shit
tie off your arm
inject your shit
tie a noose
stop your heart
put a gun to your head
pull the trigger
jump the bridge
slice your wrist cut your throat
kick the chair
just hang there
write the note

you've wasted enough of your life
stop wasting mine
Track Name: False Righteous
always pushing a front
always in everyone's face
always got your head in the clouds
won't be long until you're put in your place
try and fit a mold that you'll never fit
you're not fooling anyone
so easy to see your beliefs are counterfeit

run your mouth just to be heard
never really saying a thing
you're the loudest in the crowd
until shit goes down you're nowhere to be seen

Do you really care
are you even aware
your actions say otherwise
where are your morals when there's no watchful eyes
Track Name: Decline
I watched your decline
watched the life fade from your eyes
watched the demons swallow your light
watched your bonds, foundations, your everything
shatter before my eyes

now there's nothing left
but a memory
I watched your decline

you had it all
but you just couldn't see it

thought no one cared
but we all felt it

you slapped away every hand
that ever tried to help you

we all cared
we all watched
we all felt
your decline

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